Duty to Warn: Draining the Swamp?

Article – Gary G. Kohls

But Infesting the White House with a Group of Right-Wing Extremists, Pro-Corporate Lobbyists and Assorted Deplorable Washington Insiders? Read more »

Auckland property investor lending tumbles 18%

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 26 (BusinessDesk) – Lending to property investors buying homes in Auckland fell 18 percent in August after the Reserve Bank imposed new lending restrictions in July. Read more »

The Law is Flawed: Occupy the Auckland High Court

Press Release – Racial Equality Aotearoa

The New Zealand justice system is anything but just. It perpetuates issues like racism, sexism, transphobia, and ableism. Read more »

Una Revolución Política Pacífica Empezó En Francia

Article – Alastair Thompson

Francia ha sido un poco lenta en ponerse en movimiento hacia la rehabilitacin de un verdadero ejercicio democrtico; pero ya no, y para probarlo est le despegada de la carrera a la Eleccin presidencial Francesa del 2017. Read more »

In Conversation With Nuit Debout : Richard D. Bartlett

Article – Richard D. Bartlett

Nati, Hailey and I were in Paris for OuiShare Fest. Nuit Debout is kinda the French version of the Occupy movement, 5 years on. Nati and I were involved in Occupy Wellington in 2011, so we were eager to connect while we were in town. Read more »

Vector Financial Results

Press Release – Vector Limited

Vectors earnings rise as new technology, business transformation and strong cost control accelerates drive towards a new energy future; business on track to achieve full-year guidance Read more »

The Performance Series 2015

Press Release – The Performance Arcade

A suite of works will be presented at 30upstairs Gallery over 8 days from Friday 20 – Saturday 28 November. The Performance Series 2015 is the first opportunity for audiences to view a selection of the works that will occupy the Wellington cityscape … Read more »

‘Bubble’ banker class can’t last: Rob Campbell tells Infinz

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 24 (BusinessDesk) – Professional director Rob Campbell says the only ‘bubble’ economy the world has to worry about is the “sealed bubble in which most finance professionals work”, buoyed up by “their hangers on and mutual admiration … Read more »

Auckland Museum to Develop New Memorial Space

Press Release – Auckland War Memorial Museum

The iconic heritage building, Auckland War Memorial Museum, is reaching the latest milestone in its heritage maintenance and restoration plan. Starting next month, new work will focus on the East Gallery on the top floor of the Museum and the restoration … Read more »

Reserve Bank responds to submissions on LVR rule changes

Press Release – Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank today published a summary of submissions and final policy positions in regards to changes in the Loan to Value Ratio restriction rules (LVRs), and the asset classification of residential property investment loans in the Capital Adequacy … Read more »