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Coronavirus And The Coming Financial Revolution

Article – Oilprice.com

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest and unprecedented seismic shifts in the global economy that we’ve ever seen in modern history, and it’s just getting started. Already, economies around the world are shutting down. The federal reserve … Read more »

If Progressives Were for ‘No Rich and No Poor’…

Opinion – New Democracy World

The vast majority of Americans, contrary to what all of the print and electronic media propaganda try to make us think, want society to be one in which there are NO RICH AND NO POOR. Read more »

Duty to Warn: Draining the Swamp?

Article – Gary G. Kohls

But Infesting the White House with a Group of Right-Wing Extremists, Pro-Corporate Lobbyists and Assorted Deplorable Washington Insiders? Read more »

In Conversation With Nuit Debout : Richard D. Bartlett

Article – Richard D. Bartlett

Nati, Hailey and I were in Paris for OuiShare Fest. Nuit Debout is kinda the French version of the Occupy movement, 5 years on. Nati and I were involved in Occupy Wellington in 2011, so we were eager to connect while we were in town. Read more »

‘Bubble’ banker class can’t last: Rob Campbell tells Infinz

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 24 (BusinessDesk) – Professional director Rob Campbell says the only ‘bubble’ economy the world has to worry about is the “sealed bubble in which most finance professionals work”, buoyed up by “their hangers on and mutual admiration … Read more »

Joan Baez to receive Amnesty International’s highest award

Press Release – Elephant Publicity

With her mesmerizing voice and unwavering commitment to peaceful protest and human rights for all, Joan Baez has been a formidable force for good. Secretary General of Amnesty International, Salil Shetty Read more »

An evening with Joan Baez

Press Release – Elephant Publicity

Joan Baez legendary folk singer, songwriter, activist, peacenik and cultural icon for over fifty years returns to bewitch New Zealand audiences touring to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland mid October 2015. This concert series follows … Read more »

Green Liberty is the Antidote to Authoritarian Corporatism

Opinion – Glen Barry

Humanity has so massively overshot planetary ecological boundaries, that already there is an impact upon jobs and consumption; and as a result of diminishing expectations, neo-fascism is rising. Read more »

Cuban Foreign Minister’s Human Rights Council statement

Speech – Embassy of Cuba in New Zealand

Statement by the H.E. Mr. Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, at the High Level Segment of the Twenty Eighth Session of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, Switzerland, March 2, 2015. Read more »

Empire of Chaos: The Roving Eye Collection – Review

Article – Jim Miles

The best writers, the best recorders of historical information are those that are inside the arenas of conflict, whether it is military or economic. The likes of Robert Fisk, Franklin Lamb, Chris Hedges, Alex Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair have all entered … Read more »

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