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Climate march and Flood Wall Street – from NYC

Article – Richard McLachlan

This oddly mild New York summer may have helped create the impression that predicted changes to the climate are no longer such a big deal and the world seems to be burning in so many other alarming ways. This Sunday 21st September, day of the New … Read more »

Mass Climate Protest Disrupts Wall St Financial District

Press Release – Flood Wall Street

Photo link See also – photo: Jordan Mammo on Twitter: “Police have arrested the polar bear #FloodWallStreet” Read more »

Move to Amend & the Double Standard of Corporate Personhood

Article – Gary G. Kohls

In 2010, the NeoConservative, pro-corporate, anti-democratic Roberts Supreme Court Gang of Five granted inanimate corporations some of the rights and privileges previously only constitutionally guaranteed to human entities. Read more »

Armistice Day

Article – Mitchel Cohen

This morning on WBAI (listener-sponsored, free-speech, non-commercial radio), Bob Hennelly advised listeners to “thank the veterans” for serving “our” country and protecting us. What a crock! It’s not “our” military, “our” war against Iraq and … Read more »

Occupy Everything. Did We Ever Give It Back?

Column – David Swanson

When the Pentagon ends an occupation, crawling home from Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan with its Tomahawk missile dragging between its legs, it declares victory every time. And, depending on how you define victory, it certainly leaves lasting effects. Read more »

Egypt and the Meaning of Democracy

Article – John Spritzler

In light of recent events in Egypt, what does “democracy” really mean? By most accounts, the election in Egypt that installed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in office as president was as fair as they come. Jimmy Carter said so and virtually nobody … Read more »

Kiwi Web App Paves the Way For Everyday Democracy

Press Release – Loomio

Loomio, a much anticipated online collaborative decision-making platform built by a Wellington-based social enterprise startup, is launching internationally today. Read more »

From Tahrir to Taksim: West Reserves Right to Interfere

Column – Ramzy Baroud

The distance between Cairos Tahrir Square and Istanbuls Taksim Square is impossibly long. There can be no roadmap sufficient enough to use the popular experience of the first in order to explicate the circumstances that lead to the other. Read more »

US State Department: Daily Press Briefing – June 10, 2013

Press Release – US State Department

U.S. Concern about Status on the Ground / Influx of Help from Other Countries / Political Transition Read more »

US State Department : Daily Press Briefing – June 5, 2013

Press Release – US State Department

Daily Press Briefings : Daily Press Briefing – June 5, 2013 06/05/2013 05:26 PM EDT Jen Psaki Spokesperson Daily Press Briefing Washington, DC June 5, 2013 Index for Today’s Briefing SYRIA Fighting in Qusayr / Humanitarian Assistance / U.S. Assistance … Read more »

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