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Housing activists to protest outside Brownlee’s Office

Press Release – Occupy Christchurch

A protest has been organised by Occupy Christchurch to highlight the issues of housing shortage and homelessness in the city. People are invited to gather outside Earthquake recovery minister Gerry Brownlee’s Ilam road office at 2pm on Saturday (May 26). Read more »

Undernews: May 1, 2012

Column – Undernews

After three decades of national policies damaging the average American, it is amazing that the reaction has been as calm has it has been. Highly deceptive propaganda, the collapse of liberalism, and the atomizing ipodization of ordinary life have all … Read more »

Truthout: 30 April 2012

Column – truthout.org

If there is going to be a dress rehearsal for the coming NATO summit in Chicago, May Day is it…. It will also, coincidentally or not, be the first day that police in ‘battle’ dress hit the streets to prepare for the summit. Read more »